What to Pack for Your Safari in South Africa

Essentials to pack for your African Safari

Packing for your safari holiday in South Africa can seem a daunting task, so we’ve provided some handy tips to help you out.

Colour is important on safari, all your clothing should preferably be neutral colours: khaki, olive etc. Avoid white, bright colours, dark colours and black. Camouflage is also a no-go. Also make sure you take and drink plenty of water whilst on safari.


Good walking shoes and socks are a must to avoid discomfort and injury. Make sure they are well worn-in before your arrival.

Trousers for cooler mornings and evenings and to save you from mosquitos are also important. Ideally, find some trousers that can be turned into shorts so you can cool down as the temperature hots up.

Long sleeved t-shirts are also important to save your skin from the sun and to keep you protected from mosquitos.

A sunhat will help to shield your eyes, neck and face from the sun and will also help prevent against sunstroke.

Bringing along a pair of good sunglasses allows you to keep a constant eye on the horizon without squinting, which also means you are less likely to gain a headache.

Most lodges do have pools, and without a swimsuit you won’t be able to cool off and enjoy a swim.

In the early morning and evenings, it can get chilly, so a fleece and/or windproof jacket is ideal.


In some lodges there won’t be room to spread out your toiletries, so a wash bag to hold them all is ideal.

Make sure you bring a first aid kit including plasters, antihistamines, rehydrate sachets and painkillers.

Sunblock and insect repellents are a must, and you may also wish to bring after-sun just in case you do catch the sun.

Bringing along some books on wildlife to use whilst out in the field and when relaxing in your free time means you’ll get much more out of your experience.

Bring a day bag to hold your water, books, spare batteries, spare memory cards etc.


We advise everybody has got its own set of own binoculars as to avoid to constantly sharing it or just not being able to see what’s being pointed out to you. Most lodges do however provide extra pairs of binoculars.

Bring along a camera or two and make sure you have all the appropriate extras such as lenses and cleaner, filters, gorillapod/monopod/, charger and spare batteries and memory cards.

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