Our Team

The Moya Team - A team for all seasons.

Our greatest asset does not lie in our luxurious suites or our beautiful surroundings, but in our staff - the great team of people who share our vision for Moya and who take excellent care of you throughout your stay.

Our team comes from different walks of life, and each has their individual skill sets, but they have one thing in common, a warm heart and a true passion for sharing their knowledge and African culture.

We look forward to assisting you with your dream holiday to South Africa.

Owner Moya Safari Lodge & Villa

Owner & Reservations


Since I relocated to South Africa in 2007, I’ve worked many jobs and tried different businesses over the years until I found Moya Safari Lodge & Villa. This changed my whole life. At Moya I want to offer true warm and honest hospitality at affordable and reasonable rates for everyone. I believe in our team spirit and Ubuntu and leaving a legacy for our next generations. I will gladly assist you with any enquiries.

Gary Moya Safari Lodge & Villa Afrique du Sud

FOH Manager


Ever since I joined Moya it has been a home away from home to me. I have learned to be a selfless, inspiring & a motivational person. I am always hand’s on and take pride in giving our guests exceptional warm and friendly service and make them completely at ease.


FOH Manager


I'm passionate about my work at Moya and proud to be part of such a great team. I bring my dedication and hard work to everything I do and I'm always looking for new ways to contribute. I'm excited to continue growing and learning in my role here.

Virginia Head Chef Moya Safari Lodge Hoedspruit

Head Chef


I love working here at Moya, a place of enjoyment, relaxing environment with a warm hearted team. I love giving the best service and I'm very passionate about the job. I aim to dish up our most mouthwatering menus with that extra creative touch. And tell that diet to be quit.

Conny Moya Safari Lodge & Villa Parc National Kruger



I am so happy to be part of this family. You will find me cooking delicious food and surprise your senses with superb authentic Cuisine. I am passionate and committed to delivering amazing culinary experiences and love to meet people from all over the world.




It's a pleasure joining the Moya Team. I love working here, a place of peace and enjoyment. Being passionate about my work, I want to share my experience with the whole team. You'll find me behind the Hot stove cooking fine cuisine for our guests and make sure all our food is up to standard.


Moya Safari Lodge & Villa Hopedspruit



I'm so grateful to be part of the Moya family. I want to share my experience and contribute to making Moya a second home for our guests and ensure they feel at home in the comfort of their suites. Moya is where I want to be..... proudly housekeeper.

Release Housekeeping Moya Safari Lodge & Villa Zuid Afrika



I enjoy being part of this amazing Team. My intention is to keep Moya clean and spotless. Together with my sis I love to wow our guests by arranging the loveliest decorations in their suites. I strive for perfection and ensure everything is ready for your check in.

The Team

Moya Safari Lodge Team