How Lion got his roar!

How Lion got his roar – A traditional African tale…

Many years ago, Lion became the most feared of the predators.

In these early days, Lion still had a gentle voice, and because animals could not hear him, there was no warning if he was nearby.

This, of course, greatly worried the other animals, since they never knew when Lion was on the hunt. They decided to hold a meeting to find a way of somehow making Lion less dangerous. They talked for a long time, but none of them could think of anything.

Eventually Hare had an idea “I know a way that would make Lion’s voice like the terrible thunder of a summer’s storm” he said. “And then we would always know when he was coming.”
Without another word Hare just winked and set off on his task.

Eventually Hare found Lion resting beneath a shady umbrella tree, and approaching him carefully, said: “Oh Great One, I am most unhappy to bring you bad news, but your brother is very ill, and requests to see you at once.” Lion was upset to hear this news and told Hare to lead him to his brother as fast as possible.

Hare took lion for miles and miles around the bush and after several hours lion was so weary, he could go no further. He lay down and slept.

Now, with the help of a honeyguide bird, crafty Hare found a wild bees’ nest in a tree not too far away. After following the required custom of leaving a good piece of the honeycomb as a “thank you” for the little bird, Hare took some of the honey and dribbled it all over the paws and head of sleeping Lion. Hare then ran off to some thick bushes nearby and hid.

When the bees returned home and saw that someone had raided their hive, they were terribly angry. They soon found Lion sleeping nearby with honey all over his paws. In a raging swarm, the bees attacked him, and Lion was stung so many times that his soft cries soon swelled to a thunderous roar that could be heard for miles around.

That is the story of how Lion’s voice was changed forever.

The animals were very grateful to Hare because, from then on, they could hear Lion’s roar from a long way away and be warned that the King of Beasts was on the hunt.