Elephant Orphanage Hoedspruit South Africa

HERD Elephant Orphanage in Hoedspruit

HERD – The Elephant Orphanage in Hoedspruit

About 40 minutes’ drive from Moya

The HERD (Hoedspruit Elephant Rehabilitation and Development) TRUST was established in 2021 following a 24-year journey in caring for elephants that have been displaced or orphaned due to human-elephant conflict.

A Unique Herd with A Unique Story – Why the Herd is unique

The Jabulani elephant herd are a unique and close-knit family that started with Jabulani, an orphaned elephant who was rescued in 1997, and a herd of elephants that were rescued from Zimbabwe in 2002 – whose fates crossed to form the Jabulani Herd as we know it today.

Over the years, the herd continued to accept wild elephant calves that needed a new family, who had lost theirs as a result of human-elephant conflict.

Together, the elephants spend their days happily roaming and foraging in the wilderness with their loyal carers, many of whom have travelled from Zimbabwe with the herd.

At night the elephants return to the HERD Homestead which lies adjacent to the HERD Orphanage, allowing for close contact with orphans that are still in need of humanitarian assistance during their rehabilitation.

Every member of the Jabulani herd, both female and male, young and old, is an integral part of their unique family. Each elephant has a distinctive character and unique bonds with the rest of the group.

Guests can enjoy a respectful 90-minute experience and will be inspired, enlightened, educated and enthused by this memorable opportunity to meet these gentle giants.

All proceeds will go towards HERD Trust- South Africa’s first elephant orphanage to help look after the elephants.

Tour by appointment only (Booking essential at least 24 hours in advance). Tour starts at 6 am.


Jabulani Elephant Hoedspruit