Blyde Canyon Boat Tour

Blyde Dam Boat Cruise

Going on a Blyde Dam Boat Cruise is one of the best ways to view the very picturesque Blyde River Canyon.
The Blyde Canyon is the third largest canyon in the world and one of the greenest, thanks to its unique microclimate.
Located beneath the distinctive, towering peaks of the famous Three Rondavels and with views of Mariepskop – the highest summit in the northern Drakensberg escarpment range – the Blyde Dam is fringed by these soaring mountains and thick montane forests.
This is also home to a range of wildlife species such as kudu and duiker, as well as leopard and other small carnivores.
The dam itself is home to hippo and crocodiles, which you may be lucky enough to spot on the leisurely 90-minute cruises that depart each morning and afternoon.
You’ll also see the special and rare Kadishi tufa waterfall.
Enjoy the incredible scenery as you pass by some of the most photographed mountains in South Africa.
A camera is an absolute must, and a pair of binoculars will come in handy to look out for some of the amazing birdlife that calls the canyon home, including cormorants and the African fish eagle as well as the rare Taita falcon.