Leopard Begegnung während Pirschfahrt in Südafrika

Morning and Afternoon Safaris

There’s very little to beat the thrill of big game encounters in an open vehicle. Game drives are the highlight of most African safaris.

That’s why we offer our guests at Moya Safari Villa the chance to experience both morning and afternoon safaris in a nearby Big Five private game reserve, where experienced qualified guides will share some of their amazing bush knowledge with you as you explore the African wilderness with them.

You stand the chance to see the legendary Big Five wildlife species – buffalo, elephant, rhino, leopard and lion – and learn about them and the other inhabitants of this wonderful region of South Africa.

Most of all, game drives are the best way to immerse yourself in nature and understand the complex and wonderful relationships between plants and animals and how we, as humans, have such a critical role to play in helping to protect and conserve these last remaining wilderness areas.

An open vehicle is just that – open to the elements – so in the winter months (June to August) you will need to bring warm clothing with you as it can get very cold in the early mornings and evenings.

While we are blessed with warm days during winter here in Hoedspruit and its surrounds, it does get cold enough for a beanie hat, gloves and scarf on game drives, so don’t be fooled into thinking that Africa is always hot!

You’ll also need a hat, sunscreen, insect repellant, binoculars and a camera, of course, with which to record the amazing wildlife you see.

While no sightings are ever guaranteed, you stand a great chance of seeing some of our beautiful antelope species such as impala, kudu and waterbuck, as well as a range of amazing, colourful bird species.

Predators like lion, leopard, cheetah and wild dog are also seen regularly on our game drives, as are elephants. So it’s fingers crossed and enjoy the amazing adventure!

Collection times for the morning and afternoon game drive are usually 06:00 and 15:00 respectively. Ask us about drinks and snacks.